There are usually two reasons people want to learn how to make a digital marketing campaign plan – step by step and they are:

1 – They have a business already and haven’t figured out Digital Marketing.


2 – They don’t have a business yet and want to do marketing as a service for others.

…which one are you?


Either way, it’s one of the best skills you can have in your life that will produce a lot of income for you and your business.


Hi, Scott Weddell here, CEO of Fasttrack Business and The Digital Marketing School, a 6-figure per month online education company.


Because of what I am about to share with you, we managed to help a company called Conscious Education to come close to producing $1 million in one month, so this system and structure work, predictably when operated by whoever is driving it.


I prefer to give you insights into proven systems that have driven real results in the real world, rather than theory – does that sound good?


Ok – let’s go into this, we can split this process up into 4 sections:


  1. Ideas 
  2. Strategy
  3. Implementation 
  4. Launch  


…sounds simple right? But, after working with hundreds of business owners now intimately, I can assure you that it’s not common practice.


Ok, let’s dive deeper into each:




In this phase, we go into complete possibility and “pull on threads”. The goal here is to find everything that you COULD do and to go into every single possibility.


There are a few games we play in this phase:


  1. The Game of Making It Up – this is where you get on a call with your team, or your client with a Foundations Doc and get clear on your Target, Offer, Story and Steps by making it up (yeah you read this right) – this is part of the creative process.


  1. The Game of Imitation (not COPYING) – this is where you go out into the market and look at competitors to gather ideas of what they’re doing in the market – you can look at their big idea, hooks, headlines, offers, etc and record it on a doc.


  1. The Game of Gathering Intelligence – this is where we dive DEEP into the psychology of the market by leveraging reviews through the 5 / 1 / 3 system (this is GOLD).


…now your subconscious mind is PRIMED to spit out genius ideas 😉 At this stage, we go back to our Foundations Doc and get really clear on how we will create Emotional Clarity in the marketing campaign, which is 4P’s and 4E’s

  • Problem clarity.
  • Person clarity.
  • Path clarity.
  • Product clarity.
  • E – Hope.
  • E – Excitement.
  • E – Trust.
  • E – Urgency.


Ok, now let’s move onto:




In this phase, it’s super important to get clear on HOW you are going to SELL before you generate a lead – WRITE THAT DOWN 😉

Then, we got to run through this checklist:


  • How are we selling – on phone? to groups? sales page?
  • What funnel are we using?
    • The Appointment Tap.
    • Lead Magnet to Switch (Call/Webinar)
    • Live Webinar.
    • Sales Page
  • Which traffic source am I using?
  • What is my follow-up strategy?
    • Email.
    • Text.
    • Sales Team.


…then we draw out the funnel to visualize it – like this below 🙂

Ok, now that we are clear on this, we must execute and:



This phase is all about Development and taking all your research and genius ideas and turning them into reality. Here’s a checklist of what we do:

  1. Brainstorm Big Ideas and choose one.
  2. Brainstorm Headlines – have a bank of 5-10.
  3. Fill in the EPIC Ad Sheet.
  4. Write an EPIC Ad.
  5. Choose a Funnel / Template for Modelling.
  6. Write Funnel Copy.
  7. Read Out Loud – Edit any parts that don’t flow.
  8. Once happy – check over it and make sure you have created Emotional Clarity and followed our Teaching Model.
  9. Use to edit grammar.
  10. Send it to someone to proofread and give feedback.
  11. Write Follow-Up Scripts – emails, texts, and sales scripts.
  12. Upload everything to the funnels and do the integrations – connect emails, pixels, funnel, etc.
  13. Final Q/A on the funnel and test it all works.

…this checklist alone is worth over $10,000 (so take this seriously).


Ok, now we need to:



This is the exciting part and we have a few things life to knock over – they are:

  1. Audience Research – this is where we go hunting for GOLD:
    1. Facebook – lookalikes, and interests. My goal is to find 10-15 audiences that convert within my KPI.
    2. YouTube – placements, keywords, and combinations are where I start and again I want to find 10-15 audiences that convert within KPI.
  2. Setting Up Campaign – this is where we must choose the correct objective.
    1. Facebook – if I am generating leads or driving sales I always choose to start on Conversions because that’s what it’s designed for.
    2. You Tube – again, for this, I choose Leads or Sales depending on what my goal is.
  3. Pressing Go – this is where you must get your emotions in check and get out of the way.
    1. For both platforms, you must leave it alone for 3-days before going into the Post-Launch phase and let traffic run through your funnel – I can go into Post Launch another time.


…and there you have it – How To Make a Digital Marketing Campaign Plan – Step by Step Guide.

Honestly, this is absolute gold and if you act on it – it’s literally worth millions of dollars to your business (and I just laid it all out).


How good is that?


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All the love,