The idea of “Becoming Your Own Boss” is great, but the reality of actually allowing this to become a real thing…

…takes time, effort, energy, and focus.

It also takes a lot of uncertainty, which is why the first muscle you must build is:

>>>The Belief in Your Ability to Figure Things Out!


Yeah, you heard that correctly, because, without it, you will find it really hard to hang in the “unknown” of becoming your own boss.


Let me give you an example of this in real life:


Back in 2015, I started my first business as a Personal Trainer, which meant I had to make a transition from being an employee to going all-in on being self-employed…


…and therefore, I literally had to sell everything I owned and do a 6-week course to get the certificate to train people in a gym.


“What if I failed the course?”


I had to take the next step, and trust I would figure the money thing out, which I did…


…next, in 2016, I had the urge to travel the world and work from my laptop.

At this stage, I had figured out the personal training thing and had a full book of clients, working 16+ hour days…


…so, to get the outcome I wanted, how could I keep training people in the gym?

I couldn’t – and therefore, I had to make a decision to innovate and move my business online so I had the right structure to allow this to happen.

This meant letting go of £6,000 to £10,000 a month, and jumping into the “unknown”.


Can you see how you must believe in your ability to figure things out?


After I made this decision, my income dropped slightly for 2 months as I made the transition out of the gym…


…but on month 3, I remember having my first £15,000 month.


Why did this happen?


Because I believed in my ability to figure things out. Fast forward to now, that decision to jump on a place randomly and go traveling has led me to the connections I have today…


…and these connections play a big role in the success I have now.


So, with that said, I want to give you some actionable advice, which I wish someone had given me when I had this dream.


Here it is:


1 – Get Experience.

My recommendation here is to find Entrepreneurs that you can work with/for that are playing a big game…


…because there is no better experience than this.


If you do this right, you can even get PAID to work with them and learn some epic stuff. Then, if you do the work, and stay loyal, I can guarantee that an opportunity will come for you to be your own boss.


2 – Build A High-Income Skill:


This is so vital, and it’s not something that you will learn at school, I can tell you, from a cold hard experience.


You must make the shift from being in the “employee” world that teaches you to “get good grades” and “work your way up the ladder” to being a “Self-Managed, Self-Educated, Income Generating Machine”.


How good does that sound?


My recommendation here is to learn the #1 Entrepreneurial Skill, Digital Marketing…


….and more specifically, Copywriting and Running Profitable Ads, online.


If you do this, in 5-years, you won’t even recognize your life – TRUST ME, I’ve done it.


3 – Lay Solid Foundations: 


Question – would you build a skyscraper on sand?


The answer is obviously NO!

And therefore, you must have a solid structure and foundation in place, while you are in the process of implementing step 1 and 2…


…this takes patience and persistence my friend.


Let me break this down into 3 sections:


1 – You must BE TRUE to yourself, next, you must BE a Creator/Leader of your own life while looking after everyone around you, and lastly you must have good Health.


…this is a solid foundation – and you must lay this deep in your psyche.


2 – The willingness to DO THE SETS & REPS – this might mean getting underpaid for a while, this might mean taking risks, this might mean falling over and over again…


…you get the point – if you don’t arrive at success and failure feeling the same, you’ve got it all wrong and you are doing things for all the wrong reasons (I could write a whole other blog just on this topic).


3 – Creating Structure – here are 4 vital ingredients to your structure:


  • Personal Focus: you must have a system in your life for this, one that helps you focus on your outcome, where you are at in relation to it, what’s in your way, and what action steps you are taking to move from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Cash: you must have the right banking system in place that’s allowing you to LIVE and SAVE.
  • Digital Assets: once you reach 6 months of personal cash reserves, it’s time to look at investing in Digital Assets (more on this another time).
  • Online Business Skills: my recommendation is to do marketing for other businesses so you can work from anywhere in the world, online, making great money, and getting the experience you need for future opportunities.


…and that’s it, my friend!

I can promise you that if you actually listen to this advice and implement it, your life will be completely different in 5-years time.


Are you willing to play the long game?

Only you can decide 🙂

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Scott Weddell